Mohamed Ramadan’s car grabs the spotlight at the El Gouna Festival.. its price and specifications


The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, grabbed everyone’s attention at the launch of the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival, in its fifth session, not only with his clothes, but with his luxury car that he attended to the El Gouna Festival, a luxury Lamborghini “Aventador SVJ Roadster”, which Ramadan was not satisfied with as A rare car, of which there are only 800 copies, but he painted it with gold.

The SVJ Roadster, of which there are only 800 worldwide, is the most iconic variant of the Aventador family, and its Lamborghini aerodynamics is a huge advantage, as the ALA 2.0 and pneumatic steering ensure minimal drag on the straights and optimum aerodynamic load when cornering. It is powered by a V12 engine with a capacity of 770 horsepower, which is naturally aspirated.

The SVJ Roadster uses ultra-light carbon fiber for its chassis and removable hardtop. The body features larger air intakes, more extended side skirts, prominent aerodynamic profiles and a lighter, higher-mounted exhaust system, and the hardtop is constructed using innovative high-pressure RTM molding technology.

The technological look of carbon fiber, which appears on the monocoque as well as the doors and seats, matches an aircraft-style design. Leather and Alcantara upholstery on the car add a bold touch of exclusivity to the luxurious interior, but it’s the subtle cross-stitching details and the special SVJ Roadster paneling that give the car a bold touch of exclusivity. Unique stamp on this car.

According to Bloomberg, the SVJ Roadster from Lamborghini is the most expensive it has ever had among all its other groups, with a price starting at $574,000, equivalent to more than 9 million Egyptian pounds.

During January 2020, Muhammad Ramadan posted a video clip showing his “Aventador SVJ Roadster” after it was coated with gold water, on his Instagram page; It was blue at first before he painted it with that new shape, which shows the artist’s name written on it and the number “1”.



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