Mohamed Salah’s statements raise the caution of Liverpool fans.. and fears of a repeat of Wijnaldum’s scenario


English press reports revealed that the statements made by the star Mohamed Salah Regarding his future with Liverpool, he has caused the famous “deja vu” condition among the English club’s fans.

And the future of Mohamed Salah turned into a rich material for press reports over the past period, due to his failure to reach an agreement with the administration Leferball So far on renewing his contract, which will expire in June 2023.

Liverpool renewed contracts for more than one player, such as Alisson Becker, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho and Virgil van Dijk and others.

The non-renewal of Mohamed Salah’s contract led to a lot of speculation about his future and the possibility of him leaving Anfield next summer.

Mohamed Salah stated yesterday evening that he would like to stay in Liverpool until the end of his career, and that this matter does not depend on him, but on the management of the club.

And the English newspaper “Daily Star” believes that Mohamed Salah’s position and statements regarding his future with Liverpool are similar to those made by Georginio Wijnaldum before his departure from Liverpool.

Wijnaldum’s contract with Liverpool expired last June, and he went to Paris Saint-Germain for free.

The expiration of Wijnaldum’s contract was preceded by a period of speculation about his future with Liverpool, and his entry into lengthy negotiations with the English club’s management regarding the new contract.

“It’s really difficult, because if that happens, it means leaving a team that you really love, a team you’ve been with for so many years and you feel comfortable with,” Wijnaldum said in May.

“It will be difficult but you don’t know the situation, it always depends on the situation, but I will be disappointed if I don’t play with this team anymore, that’s for sure,” the Dutchman added.

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And Mohamed Salah’s statements yesterday also stated that he would be sad if he had to play against Liverpool, indicating that he did not know what would happen in the future.

And the “Daily Star” indicated that Mohamed Salah’s statements, although they confirm his desire to stay with Liverpool, leave the club’s fans in a state of caution for fear of repeating the Wijnaldum scenario.

And Mohamed Salah’s statements caused the emergence of a “deja vu” situation among the Liverpool fans, which is the feeling that we saw or felt the same thing earlier.


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