More than two months after it was released in theaters.. Do you know how many revenues of Free Guy have reached?


Action comedy movie revenue Free Guy To 328 million and 709 thousand dollars since it was presented in theaters around the world since last August 13, and the work had achieved 28 million and 365 thousand dollars in the opening presentation of the work.

Revenues were divided between 120 million and 897 thousand dollars in American theaters, and 207 million and 812 thousand dollars in theaters around the world..

comedy action movie Free Guy Inspired by the world of video games, it revolves around the discovery that a bank teller is in fact a device NPC Inside a brutal and open world video game.

He is starring in a movie Free Guy Ryan Reynolds, Taika Whitey, Jodi Comer, Utkirch Ampodkar, Joe Kerry, Lil Rhea Hurray, Britten Oldford, Owen Burke, Aaron Reed, Jamal Burcher, Kayla Ray Weiss, Lea Prossetto, Sophie Levy, David Arthur Sousa and Kenneth Israel.

The special screening of the action-comedy was held Free Guy Star Ryan Reynolds in the theater AMC Lincoln Square In New York City, the 44-year-old actor dazzled on the red carpet with his stunning star wife, Blake Lively.


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