Muhammad Ibrahim: Who put the million-dollar clause in my contract with Marit


Mohamed Ibrahim, Ceramica Cleopatra player, revealed that he did not know about the Zamalek crisis with the Portuguese club Maritimo until a year after his departure from the White Castle.

Ibrahim said, in statements to the “No. 10” program broadcast on Channel One: “Two months after my departure to Maritimo, I spoke with people in Zamalek about my return, and I promised on the condition that I pay a sum of money, and they agreed on 500 thousand euros, and I bore the amount and it was deducted from the provider of my contract.”

He added, “A year after my departure from Zamalek and my presence with Egypt clearing and during the period of my negotiations after that, I was surprised by an official from Zamalek talking to me about the issue of the million dollars, and I did not know anything about it.

Ibrahim continued: “Whoever put this clause in my contract with Maritimo is intended to drown the Zamalek club, and it has no other meaning. They did not know, but their lack of knowledge of the matter is considered a disaster, and if they knew, they would have made me leave after the end of the season.”

And the former Zamalek player concluded, saying: “Zamalek mourned me and was surprised to dispense with me and the decision to leave the team, and I do not know yet what is the reason for this. I left Zamalek and I do not know why, and despite that I still have financial dues with the club.”


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