Muhammad Mamdouh was killed in the events of the movie “Al-Sarb”


The events of the movie “The Swarm” by star Ahmed El-Sakka and a large group of stars, which deals with the air strike carried out by the army in Libya against ISIS, witness the killing of the artist Mohamed Mamdouh during the events, and the film was written by Omar Abdel Halim and directed by Ahmed Nader Galal.

The movie “The Swarm” is co-starring with Ahmed El-Sakka, Diab, Karim Fahmy, Aser Yassin, Sherif Mounir and Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, and a large group of artists who appear as guests of honor, and it was written by Omar Abdel Halim, directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal..

On the other hand, Mamdouh returns to complete filming his scenes in his movie “Abu Saddam” in his first movie championship, directed by Nadine Khan, written by Mahmoud Ezzat, and Mamdouh embodies, in the events of his movie “Abu Saddam”, the role of a heavy truck driver at the age of forty, and Sayed participates in the championship. Ragab, Ahmed Dash, and others, and the work discusses the suffering of drivers, as the hero of the film faces many difficult situations.

Mohamed Mamdouh appeared as a guest of honor in the movie “Al Arif”, starring Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed Fahmy, Mustafa Khater, Mahmoud Hemida, Carmen Basibes, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Hazem Ihab and a number of other artists who appear as guests, and it was written by Mohamed Sayed Bashir and directed by Ahmed Alaa El Deeb, produced by Synergy Films“.


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