Muhammad Ramadan’s speech was interrupted at the opening of “El Gouna” amid controversy over his presence and a prominent media person: “If you don’t want it, why would you bring it?”


Muhammed Ramadan’s speech was interrupted in the opening

Mohamed Ramadan

Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan revived the opening ceremony of the El Gouna International Film Festival, with his new song “Joe Girls”, accompanied by Moroccan international star Red One, and composer Nouman Belayashi.

Ramadan, from the time of his appearance until the end of the opening ceremony in the 5th session of the festival, sparked some controversy, as he entered his Lamborghini car with its striking shape and the slogan “Number One” drawn on it. He appeared with a distinctive look, consisting of a golden jacket and black pants.

Also, a large number of social media pioneers noticed that a number of stars ignored Ramadan while presenting his song on the stage, and some of them resorted to looking at their phones.

The Egyptian star presented his song “Playback”, despite the decision of the Syndicate of Musical Professions to ban singing with “Flasha”, and the need for a number of musicians to be at least 8 musicians.

But the musician Ahmed Ramadan, Secretary General of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, said that Ramadan does not apply to him the decision to sing with the flash, explaining that the latter is a show artist and not a singer.

On the stage, Ramadan was surprised by the artist, Bushra, who ended her dispute with him and gave him a bouquet of roses. .

The journalist, Amr Adib, criticized the festival management because of what happened with Ramadan after the end of his show, and said: “Even the announcer, when she presented it, said with us, Muhammad Ramadan, but, and this is Muhammad Ramadan, who, when he steps forward, knows No. And the sound was cut off, and the whole hall was finished.. Medicine, people, if you did not want it, why did you bring it?!

Source: RT


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