Musimani rewards Kahraba after his brilliance against the Niger champion


Al-Ahly’s technical staff, led by Pitso Musimani, praised Mahmoud Kahraba, the player of the red team, after the player’s brilliance in his team’s match yesterday, Saturday, against the National Guard, the champion of Niger in the second leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League, after he presented a strong level, scored a goal and scored two goals in his team’s 6 / victory. 1.

Mahmoud Kahraba won his team’s match against the Niger champion with the nominations of the audience, after his remarkable brilliance in yesterday’s match and leading his team to victory with a great result and ascending to the group stage of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly’s technical staff intends to continue to push Mahmoud Kahraba as a key player in the Ismaili match by opening the league campaign, as a reward for the player for his brilliance and urgent desire to have a key role with the red team in the coming period, after gaining the confidence of the technical staff since the beginning of the current season.

Musimani was thinking of using new deals to renew the blood of the wing center in the coming period, starting with the league matches, in light of the decline in the level of more than one player, most notably Taher Taher, especially with the lack of new deals in the 32nd round of the African Championship due to the lack of African restrictions, especially Percy Tau and Ahmed Abdel Al-Qadir and Louis Michisoni.


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