Musimani sets the program for those excluded from Al-Ahly’s trip to Niger to confront the National Guard


Al-Ahly’s technical staff, led by South African Betso Musimani, sets a special program for new players who are excluded from the trip to Niger to face the National Guard team at the start of the African Championship, due to the lack of registration of new deals and returnees from loan in the initial list of the African Red Team list, and they could not participate in the two round matches. The second preliminary round of the Champions League.

Musimani asked his assistants to regularize the new players in their daily training under the supervision of one of the assistants who will not travel with the mission, to maintain their physical readiness, provided that they continue training with the red team after Al-Ahly’s return from Niger, and the new players are Percy Tau, Louis Micisoni, Ahmed Abdelkader and Ammar Hamdi Karim Fouad and Hossam Hassan.

Al-Ahly club’s technical staff, led by South African Betso Musimani, is preparing the “old guard” to participate in the match of the National Guard, the Niger champion, in the 32nd round of the African Champions League, set for October 16, especially since the red genie will play two matches in the round of 32 back and forth depending on all elements The team, who have been there since last season, will not participate in the meeting with any player from the new deals that Al-Ahly contracted with in the summer transfers for not being registered in the first list.

Al-Ahly player Mohamed Magdy Afsha is absent from his team’s match against the National Guard, the champion of Niger, in the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League, and Afsha obtained permission from the technical staff to be absent from Al-Ahly’s “kick-off” in the current African Championship due to his marriage contract on October 14.

Mosimane wants to achieve a positive result in the first match that will help him to qualify early, especially after the decline in the performance of some players in the recent period and the loss of the Premier League and the local Super Cup.


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