Nabil Maaloul: Ferjani Sassi is happy in Al-Duhail, and what Musimani is doing with Al-Ahly is not appropriate


Tunisian coach Nabil Maaloul confirmed that the current CAF Champions League version will be the most difficult, especially for the club Al Ahly, indicating that he will be coveted by all teams to win him, as the holder of the title of the last two editions.

Maaloul said in televised statements on the “Ten” satellite channel via the “Primo” program: “Al-Ahly is a great and wonderful system, and its victory in the last two editions was deserved, but as a viewer, I see that Al-Ahly is not in control, and it is like Bayern Munich because it has a great system and achieves victory.”

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He added, “Al-Ahly wins many matches in the last minutes with a fatal goal, and small teams in the league are its holidays, and Musimani’s thinking with Sun Downs to play on the counter-attack is not appropriate for Al-Ahly.”

And he added: “Al-Ahly is supposed to make the opponent play in his half and not always make him advance and attack, but Mosimane’s thought that we saw with Al-Ahly does not fit the red genie.”

He continued: “The Champions League matches are different from the matches of the local league, the Egyptian clubs know everything about Al-Ahly and the strengths and weaknesses. But he thought Mosimane.”

واستطرد: “Ali Maaloul He has become a pillar in Al-Ahly, and he is the best full-back in Africa, and he is lucky to be in the best team in Africa.

He concluded: “Ferjani Sassi’s departure from Al Duhail is a file that is not currently on the table. He played a big match today against Al Rayyan, and Al Duhail is the league leader. I spoke to him a while ago and he is happy with his performance and the coach is also happy with him.”


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