Nermin El-Fiqi charmed the hearts of young people with a dress that highlights her charms and is open from the chest: I watch


The star and artist Nermin El-Feki is always keen to share all the moments she lives with her fans, followers and fans through social media and social networking sites, and she always shares with them the happiest moments and her latest looks and photos.

Today, Saturday, the ninth of October, the actress and star, Nermin El-Feki, shared a new photo of her, through her official and private account on the social networking site and exchanging photos and short videos “Instagram”.

Nermin El-Fiqi charmed the hearts of young people on Instagram

Where the artist and star Nermin El-Feki appeared, in the pictures she published, with a charming look that caught the attention of the audience because of her agility and young age, and she was wearing a dark green cup dress, made of lace fabric, decorated with flowers and butterflies.

She completed the look elegantly with accessories consisting of an earring and a ring, and she chose to have her hairstyle loose on both sides of her shoulders, and she also adopted strong make-up and focused on drawing the eyes.

The star, Nermin El-Feki, commented on the photo she published, saying: “Good morning, your day is beautiful, God willing.. From the activities of the Arab Satellite TV Festival.. My honor for the Tiger series is the Excellence and Creativity Award.”

It is worth noting that the artist, Nermin El-Feki, participated in the previous Ramadan season in the series “Al-Nimr” starring Mohamed Adel Imam, and also participated in the series “Del Ragel” starring the star and artist Yasser Jalal.


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