Nicolas Moawad’s wife is pregnant with their first child … and signs of pregnancy appear on her – in pictures


Posted by the Lebanese actorNicolas MoawadA photo on his personal page on the social networking site, in which he appeared with his Ukrainian wife, Madeleine, as part of the activities of the El Gouna Film Festival in its fifth session.

The photo that Nicolas published caused a sensation among the pioneers of social networking sites, as the followers noticed the swelling of Madeleine’s abdomen, and he carried her in the first months with their first child, which was confirmed by Nicola in one of the interviews, expressing his happiness in this matter, because he will become a father in the next stage.
And Nicola had revealed, to Trending, how he got to know Madeleine, and said that they met by chance during a conference for donations to help refugees, when Madeleine was in Lebanon as a humanitarian aid to work with refugees on the border between Lebanon and Syria.


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