Nisreen Tafesh shows off her looks at the El Gouna Festival: “What better look?


08:33 PM

Wednesday October 13, 2021

I wrote – Asma Morsi

Actress Nisreen Tafesh recovered a set of photos of her different looks during her participation in the sessions of the El Gouna Film Festival, coinciding with the launch of the press conference for the fifth session this evening.

Nisreen Tafesh published on her Instagram account a collection of her elegant and attractive dresses on the red carpet of the festival.

Nisreen used to grab attention with her different looks, as she was characterized by boldness and elegance that showed her beauty, as she varied between short and long dresses, and the colors varied between white, black, fuchsia and green, which made her the focus of everyone’s attention during the festival’s activities.

Nisreen Tafesh commented on her photos, saying: “We meet tomorrow at the opening of the El Gouna Festival on the red carpet,” expressing her enthusiasm to participate, and a question to her followers: “What did you like more than the previous sessions?”


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