“No one appreciates me” .. Al-Ahly star shocks the club’s fans and a sudden decision from Musimani


Al-Ahly club player, Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba, published a picture of him in a new look while he was dyeing his hair white, which sparked a state of controversy on social media, and the player was subjected to some attack from a small group of the public asking him to focus on the field, especially because the club will adopt He will have to mainly during the coming period, especially in the match of the Niger champion, which Al-Ahly will play, without a large number of players.

After publishing the picture in the new New Look, Kahraba commented on it, saying: “I am everything that you cannot control,” referring to a universe that focuses only on its future and does not put the attack in its mind and does not pay any attention to those who call it the arrows of criticism.

South African coach Pitso Mosimane had revealed his desire to rely heavily on the player “Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba” in the coming period, especially in the team’s match against the Niger champion in light of the great absences that Al-Ahly club suffers from, led by the player Mohamed Magdy Afsha. .

Through social networking sites, the tweeters have published posts in which they talked about the fact that Musimani’s decision to rely on electrification in the coming period may be the last chance for him and in the event that it is not used, he will find himself outside Al-Ahly club, especially after the team contracted with new players in the center of the wing.


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