Now… Yalla Shot Live Broadcasting Al Ahly Yalla Kora || Watch the Al-Ahly and Al-Ettifaq match, broadcast live today, in the Saudi League


Al-Ahly match broadcast live. Today, the “King Abdullah Sports City” stadium will host a very heavy-caliber match between Al-Ahly and Al-Ettifaq today in the Saudi League, in the matches of today, Saturday, October 16, 2021, as part of the first round competitions in today’s matches. This season, it achieved its first victories in the Saudi League, and the Al-Ahly team snatched the three points from its counterpart in today’s match in the Saudi League today. Watch Al-Ahly match live.

Watch Al-Ahly and Al-Ettifaq match, Yalla Shot, broadcast live.

Al Ahly live broadcast. On the other hand, the Al-Ettifaq team is playing that match and is fully aware of the difficulty of throwing today, the strength and solidity of the Saudi Al-Ahly Club, the extent of its spontaneity and the extent of the good level it always presents in the Saudi League. A fairly good match, in order to provide the team with all its capabilities and abilities, in order to withstand its counterpart in today’s match, in order to win the throw. Live broadcast of the Al-Ahly match.

Yalla Shot Al-Ettifaq and Al-Ahly live broadcast.

Al-Ahly and Al-Ettifaq live broadcast. The Al-Ahly and Al-Ettifaq match will be broadcast live at the following time:
The time is 08:10 pm Saudi time.
At 07:10 pm Egypt time.
At 06:10 pm Palestine time.
At 06:10 pm Jordan time.
The time is 08:10 pm, Syrian time.
The time is 08:10 pm, Lebanon time.
The time is 08:10 pm, Iraq time.
The time is 08:10 pm Sudan time.
At 08:10 pm Yemen time.
At 07:10 pm, Libya time.
At 06:10 pm Tunisia time.
At 06:10 pm Algeria time. .

Al-Ettifaq and Al-Ahly Yalla Kora live broadcast.

Al-Ahly and Al-Ettifaq live broadcast. The Al-Ahly and Al-Ettifaq match is scheduled to be broadcast live in the eighth week of the Saudi League on SSC Sport 1HD, and the official SSC Sport channel, as usual, broadcast the Al-Ettifaq and Al-Ahly match today live and covered it from the beginning to the end of the match by appointing Mashari Al-Qarni commenting on the Al-Ahly and Al-Ettifaq match. Today, Al-Ahly is live and the agreement is uninterrupted in the Saudi League.

Al Ahly live broadcast.

Watch Al-Ahly match. In the first week, Al-Ahly team achieved a tie against Al-Faisaly team with a score of one goal, and in the second week it achieved a draw in the Saudi League against Al-Hazm team with a score of two goals against two goals, and in the third week it drew against Damak, and in the fourth week it also tied against Al-Taawun with a score of one goal against one. And in the fifth week against Al-Fatah, he achieved a goal-to-goal tie. In the sixth week, he was defeated by Al-Fayhaa with a score of two goals to nothing, and he received his second defeat in the Saudi League in his match against Al-Ittihad, with a score of two goals to nothing. Live broadcast of the Saudi agreement.

Live broadcast agreement.

the agreement. Al-Ettifaq team comes in the twelfth place in the list of the Saudi League standings with seven points, as it achieved during the previous seventh rounds in the Saudi League a tie in four rounds, receiving two defeats, and winning a match. Nothing, and in the week the Saudi League drew against the youth team by three goals to three, becoming the king of draws this season in the Saudi League so far. Live broadcast of Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi agreement live broadcast.

Al Ettifaq live broadcast Yalla Shot. He also achieved a draw in the third week against Abha with a score of one goal against a goal. In the fourth week, he drew against Al-Raed with a score of two goals against two. Al-Ettifaq team met in the fifth round with Al-Hilal team, and Al-Ettifaq team in this round received a defeat by three goals to two goals, and the spending team was able in the round The sixth achieved its first victories against Al-Tai, with a score of four goals against two, and in the seventh round, it tied against Al-Fateh, becoming the second largest Saudi team to achieve victories. Al-Ettifaq match against Al-Ahly.

The frequency of the SSC Sport 1HD channel.

Live broadcast agreement. In this paragraph, we present to you the frequency of the channel carrying the Saudi League match between Al-Ahly and Al-Ettifaq directly in the Saudi League. Al-Ahly match broadcast live:
Channel name: SSC Sport 1HD.
Satellite: Nilesat.
Frequency: 12418.
Polarization: horizontal.
Coding rate: 27500.
Error correction factor: 5/6.

The referee of Al-Ahly and Al-Ettifaq match in today’s matches, live broadcast

Al Ahly live broadcast. The Saudi Federation announced the past few days about the referee of the Al-Ahly match, and Muhammad bin Suleiman Al-Saudi has been appointed as a referee for the match between the two teams, which will be held today, Saturday, September 16, 2021, in the Saudi League. Al-Ahly live broadcast Yalla Shot.

Live broadcast of Saudi Al-Ahly and Al-Ettifaq

The events of the first half between Al-Ahly and Al-Ittifaq in the Saudi League have now started today, the match will be broadcast from the grounds of the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium. The match between the two teams tonight, with commentator Meshary Al-Qarni, commenting on HD, while Abdel Aziz Al-Saber will be on SD.


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