Nuno Gomez, the password for preparing Al-Ahly to replace Musimani


Al-Ahly club management is going in all directions to preserve the football team’s march during the coming period, and to seek to preserve the African Champions League for the third time and restore the general league championship that the team lost against its rival Zamalek last season.

Al-Ahly officials announced the continuation of the South African coach Pitso Musimani of the team until the end of the current season, which is the date of the expiration of his contract, after the failure of negotiations to extend his contract due to a material dispute between the two parties and the desire of the South African coach to put an item that protects him from dismissal, which were rejected by the red administration, to become the future Mosimane is in danger, especially in light of the recent dissatisfaction with his results, both on the part of the management and on the part of the fans.

And “The Seventh Day” learned that a high-ranking official within Al-Ahly club contacted Nuno Gomez, the former Portuguese star, who is currently working in the field of players and coaches agency, to prepare more than one CV so that the club’s management would be ready at any time to contract with him in the event of the dismissal of Mosimane, who will not be patient with the Al-Ahly administration. He will have a lot to do if the results continue to decline, but that will be the whole thing after the end of the club’s elections scheduled for next month.

The Portuguese Pedro Goncalves, the current coach of the Angolan national team, was a strong candidate to train the team before the red administration renewed confidence in Musimani, so that the negotiations would be frozen, and the Portuguese Josevaldo Ferreira, the former coach of Zamalek, also entered the circle of candidates.


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