On the International Stuttering Day… the most prominent signs and symptoms… Infographic


International Stuttering Day.. a global celebration that takes place on the twenty-second day of October each year, and has been celebrated since 1998, in order to raise public awareness about the condition of millions of people (approximately 70 million people, or approximately 1% of the population). world) and those who suffer from a speech disorder, or a speech disorder known as stuttering.

Some children suffer from stuttering, which is defined as a speech disorder that causes frequent problems with the pace and flow of speech, and there are three types of stuttering, namely, developmental stuttering, neurological stuttering, and psychological stuttering, and scientific studies have indicated that 5% of all children suffer from stuttering at the beginning of communication with them. .

Of these five percent, 75 percent recover in late childhood, and the rest recover in adolescence, but one percent continues to suffer from this problem even after reaching adulthood, according to the newspaper’s website. “timesofindia”.

On International Stuttering Day.. the most prominent signs and symptoms
On International Stuttering Day.. the most prominent signs and symptoms

Difficulty and prolonged speaking

Repetition of a sound or syllable

Stuttering difficulties accompanied by:

Shivers in the lips or jaw

Involuntary spasms in the face

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