Palestinian Producer: “Palestinian Filmmakers are Mujahideen and Fighters”


Palestinian Producer:

Palestinian producer Mai Odeh, who is currently participating in the El Gouna International Film Festival as a jury member for the feature documentary competition, confirmed that Palestinian filmmakers are “mujahideen and fighters.”

Palestinian producer Mai Odeh said, during her meeting with the journalist Ahmed Al-Jamal on the Nas Online program: “Palestinian filmmakers are defenders of the Palestinian narrative with their films, and they always challenge all this Western view to change the viewpoint of Palestinian films.”

She added, “We always fight to prove the Palestinian narrative, and we do not make sacrifices in front of the Western market.”

Regarding the launch of the “Netflix” platform, a collection of Palestinian stories, and the presentation of 32 films by some of the best filmmakers in the Arab world, Odeh said: “Netflix bought our films ready. something movie content

May Odeh confirmed, “We, as Palestinian filmmakers, consider it the first line of defense to defend our novel and our policy.”


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