Postponing a lawsuit demanding a fine for the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, for his refusal to photograph


03:10 PM

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Books – Saber El Mahlawy:

Today, Tuesday, the North Giza Misdemeanor Court decided to book the lawsuit filed by the “Justice Group” against the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, with a fine of 12.5 million pounds, for his failure to shoot the movie “Ordinary Hero” for the ruling at the end of October.

The court had previously obligated the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, to pay a sum of 12 and a half million Egyptian pounds to a production company due to his failure to abide by the contract he signed with her to star in a movie.

The Second Circuit of the Administrative Court of the State Council, headed by Counselor Fathi Tawfiq, had previously booked the lawsuit, which bears No. Grant any permits, to rule in a hearing on November 28.


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