Professor of Psychiatry: The state has great interest in mental health | Video


Dr. Muhammad Al-Mahdi, professor of psychiatry, said that the Egyptian state is attentive mental healthAnd there is great interest in it, noting that at one time mental health hospitals were neglected, and psychiatric patients were leaving hospitals committing disasters and then returning again.

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Al-Mahdi added, during his meeting with Dr. Muhammad Al-Baz, on the “Akher Al-Nahar” program broadcast on the “Al-Nahar” satellite channel, that Dr. Ismail Salam was Minister of Health when a mental patient committed a bus bombing, so he made a decision that mental health hospitals directly follow his office, and the latest development In Khanka and Abbasiya Hospital, attention began to the importance of mental health, because it is possible for a patient to commit an act that shakes the whole country.

Al-Mahdi pointed out that in 2009 the Patient Care Law was issued, there were objections to the law, its regulation was amended, and a great leap occurred in mental care, explaining that based on this law, the National Council for Mental Health and the General Secretariat for Mental Health were formed, and the task of the Council is to monitor At the level of mental health in public and private hospitals.

And Al-Mahdi added: “Within 48 hours of any psychiatric patient entering a private or government hospital, a doctor affiliated with the National Council for Mental Health must visit him and write a report on his condition, and ensure that he receives the appropriate treatment.”

He continued: “The psychiatric patient is a person who lacks the ability to express himself, hence the interest in the human right of the psychiatric patient, because he cannot complain if his rights are violated.”


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