Pyramids leaves Islam Issa in Ethiopia due to injury… and the team doctor reveals the scenes of the case


Dr. Mustafa Al-Muniri, head of the medical staff at Pyramids Club, confirmed that the medical condition of Islam Issa, the team’s playmaker, is very reassuring, and things are very good, especially after the mission had to leave the player in Ethiopia after he was injured.

Islam Issa suffered a severe injury to the nose from a strong intervention from the Tanzanian player Azzam, where the injury was a crack in the nose and a cut wound that required repairing the crack and stitching the wound with two stitches immediately, before the mission headed directly from Tanzania on its way to Cairo.

The doctor explained that Islam Issa felt some fatigue during the team’s trip back to Cairo, and the fatigue increased due to the injury after the plane arrived in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, to refuel. With the stay of the head of the medical apparatus and his Portuguese assistant, Luis, with him to take care of him medically until he recovers and returns to full health.

He pointed out that as soon as the Addis Ababa airport authorities allowed to enter the emergency situation after waiting for more than two hours, and upon their arrival at the Norwegian hospital in Addis Ababa, the player underwent comprehensive medical examinations and a CT scan of the brain that proved his complete safety with his placement under observation and oxygen devices to check on him, and things are very reassuring. Hoping to return within hours to Cairo after making sure that he is ready to fly again, noting that the Pyramids administration has provided everything for the player to take care of him in the best possible way.

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