Qaina Mahmoud Al-Khatib for the upcoming Al-Ahly elections


Books – Abdel Hakim Taha:

Members of Mahmoud Al-Khatib’s list for the upcoming Al-Ahly Council elections continue to submit their candidacy papers before closing the door at seven in the evening today, Friday.

The Al-Ahly elections are scheduled to be held on November 25 and 26, in a new cycle of the Red Castle, from 2021 to 2025.

Today, Friday, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president, took the president’s seat and Khaled Murtaji for the treasurer’s seat.

A source at Laila Koura said that the trio of Amri Farouk, Muhammad Al-Ghazawi and Mai Farouk, who submitted papers for his candidacy yesterday, Thursday, are on Mahmoud Al-Khatib’s list.

Al-Amiri is running for the vice-presidential seat, Muhammad Al-Ghazawi for the over-aged membership seats, and Mai Atef under-age.

The source added that Muhannad Magdy, who was suspicious of joining the list, officially joined it and submitted papers for his candidacy this morning for the over-aged membership, accompanied by Muhammad al-Damati, Muhammad Shawqi and Tariq Kandil on Mahmoud al-Khatib’s list.

Al-Khatib’s list has 3 individuals who have not submitted their candidacy papers yet, and they are two members over the age and one under the age.

According to Al-Ahly’s special bylaw, the board of directors consists of 12 individuals, the president, the vice president, the treasurer, and 9 members, including two members for youth under the age of 35 on the date of the nomination window.

So far, 12 candidates have applied for different seats: Mahmoud al-Khatib and lawyer Khaled Suleiman for the presidential seat, Amri Farouk for the vice president seat, Khaled Murtaji for the treasurer seat, Omar Rabie Yassin, Abdul Rahman al-Ayachi and May Atef for the underage membership seats, Manar Saeed, Muhammad al-Ghazazi, Ahmed Ghait and Muhammad al-Damati. And Muhannad Majdi for membership seats over the age.


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