Ramy Gamal, after the controversy of his message to his wife on her birthday: Sorry.. I made a mistake in publishing my life in public


The artist Ramy Gamal sent a special message to his wife after the controversy that followed his message to her on her birthday a few days ago, as some considered her strange and abused her, while his wife confirmed that she did not see any abuse by congratulating him and that they are used to that between them.

Ramy wrote through his account on the “Instagram” website, “I’m sorry if on your birthday you bothered me directly or indirectly. I decided it was not public.

Rami Jamal
Rami Jamal

And he continued, “The negative opinions that you saw and that you saw just because you tried to prove that my words about you were originally a post for you, before the post was a slander from you. Unfortunately, I was accepted that you actually saw words from some that bother you, and since we live with people, I apologize to you for what you felt because of Hazar. I know that you They met him, but out of the love of our Lord for you and bad luck for me, that people saw him as an insult and decided to defend you.”

He concluded his words by saying, “Without a lot of words, I am sorry for those who bothered the topic, and thank you very much, and those who understood our intention from the first, but the lesson learned is that I made a mistake in publishing my life in public, I promise you there is no word other than what I work in with your love.”


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