Ramy Jamal apologizes to his wife after congratulating her on her birthday: I made a mistake in presenting my personal life in public


Singer Ramy Gamal apologized to his wife after she was exposed to a wave of ridicule for congratulating her on her birthday, with a satirical post that wanted to joke, but he betrayed him – according to him – and turned into a material to mock her on social media, and Rami admitted that he made a mistake when he came out with his private life in public.

Rami Jamal
Ramy Jamal and his wife Nariman – Photo from Ramy Jamal’s Instagram account

Rami published a picture of him with his wife through his account on the Instagram website, and commented on it in a private message to his wife, Nariman, in which he said: “Sorry if you were bothered by me on your birthday on your birthday, directly or indirectly. Although I know and trust your thinking and the nature of our lives, which have their advantages and disadvantages, I decided that they should not be public.

And he continued, saying: The negative opinions that you saw, and that you said, just because you tried to prove that my words about you were originally a post to you, before the post I received from you, is not surprising. You just met him out of God’s love for you.

He continued by saying: It is bad luck for me that people saw him insulted and decided to defend you without saying a lot under you, and I am sorry for those who bothered the topic, and thank you very much, and those who understood what we meant from the first, but the lesson learned is that I made a mistake in publishing my life in public, I promise you there is no word other than what I work in with your love.

His wife, Nariman, saw that the apology was unjustified and commented on her husband’s message by saying: I do not know how to be sorry for him. What are you and love that anything in the world bothers you.

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