Red One: Mohamed Ramadan apologized to me for ignoring my presentation at the opening ceremony of El Gouna.. Video


The Moroccan international singer Red One said, during one of the television interviews, that the star, Mohamed Ramadan, called him and apologized to him for the mistake that occurred at the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Festival in its fifth edition, stressing that Mohamed Ramadan told me: I am sorry for what happened to me and there was high pressure. And during the Live, things happen outside of a person’s will, and we will soon cooperate in several business.

And the Moroccan public expressed its displeasure for ignoring the international star Red One at the El Gouna Festival party, where the announcer Nardine Farag presented the lyrical paragraph and did not present the two stars Red One and Naaman Balaishy, ​​especially since they enjoy great popularity in the Arab world and the world as well.

Red One confirmed, during his speech, that the artist, Bushra, apologized to him for what was wrong with him or against Noman Baayshi, and explained to him what happened, as she celebrated him on her personal page via Instagram, and confirmed that she respects Red One and Noaman, and made it clear that it is a great honor. Red One, the international artist, came to the El Gouna Festival and sang among these stars, and that what had gone wrong was corrected, and we are certainly proud that you were among us, a great Arab and international star that we had the honor to sing at the festival.


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