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The Turkish ATV channel broadcast the Resurrection of Othman live on its screens this evening, Wednesday, broadcasting the events of the Resurrection of Othman, Part Three, Episode 66 of the entire series, The Resurrection of Othman 2, with the episodes of the third season. These events took place in the thirteenth century, and the series narrates the events that occurred with the Kayi tribe, which is the tribe whose leader Osman was. Despite this, the majority of the events of the series are from the writer’s imagination and not real, and the famous Turkish actor Burak Ozcivit played the role of Osman in the series .

The Resurrection Osman series, season three, episode 66, dubbed

The series begins its story by showing the Turkmen tribe, which was looking for a place to settle, as it suffered a lot in life because of their many movements, which were often tiring and expected them to get into a lot of trouble such as lack of food and drink, and the Turkmen tribe found what they wanted in fertile and good lands There is no one in it, but this land was close to the Roman Empire and the Mughals, who at that time were fighting over the borders between them, and each side was trying to impose its control over the lands as much as possible. At that time, great hostility with Muslims, and therefore the Muslim Qayi tribe began to face many dangers from the attacks of the Romans and the Mongols, until the appearance of Othman, the great leader who was able to raise the Kayi tribe to a significant increase in strength so that it could protect itself from the Mongols, Romans and other enemies.

Osman’s Resurrection series, the second season

In the second season, the events of the series revolve around the Qayi tribe migrating in search of another place to settle, so that they can build their buildings and civilization and establish a strong fortress that protects them from the attack of the enemies. Which was led by Uthman, which prompted the rest of the tribe to resort to one of the neighboring tribes, which are related to them.

The series “The Resurrection of Othman” was shown for the first time on the Turkish channel atv, and this series gained many followers in Turkey, and when this series reached the Arab world and was ready for display after the process of dubbing it into Arabic, it also gained many viewers in the Arab world who Many Turkish companies are trying to sell their cinematic products to them, in addition to India, which sees the Arab world as a suitable place to promote its series, which makes Egyptian cinema face stiff competition, and if it cannot improve its series and industries for the better, it will lose.

The first episode of the founder Osman series was shown last Wednesday through the Turkish ATV channel and through the Al-Nour website, which is the historical Turkish series that has been awaited by many fans and lovers of Turkish series, and because it comes as a continuation of the Ertugrul series that was shown in the previous period for seven seasons. It continues and the seventh part of it has ended, and it was announced the start of a new idea and new events around it in the founder Othman series. To all artists participating in the events and episodes of the founder Othman series, which is shown every Wednesday evening.

The most important heroes of the founder Othman series

The founder Othman series is attended by a selection of the brightest and most prominent Turkish artists. It is a Turkish historical series that talks about the ancient Ottoman Empire and its establishment and the events, developments and changes it witnessed and experienced over the years of Ottoman rule. They were chosen by the producing company and the director to play various roles in the series.

  • The artist Burak Ozcivit, who plays the role of “Osman the First”, the hero of the first series.
  • The artist Egul, who is the cousin of Dindar, is very fond of Osman’s personality and wants to get closer to him.
  • The artist, Boran, is one of the most prominent warriors of Osman’s army
  • The artist Nizamuddin plays the role of the Minister of the Seljuk Sultan.

All the characters and artists participating in the series have not yet appeared in the first episode of the founder Othman series, and it is expected that the upcoming episodes of it will witness the disclosure of the identity of more artists and artists from the heroes of the founder Othman series, and we have already identified the most prominent of them through the previous paragraph in our topic. There are also a number of other artists who have secondary and non-main roles, but the characters we got to know in the past are the ones whose presence is constantly repeated in all episodes of the founder Othman series.

The most prominent hero of the series, Founder Osman, is the artist Burak Ozcivit, who plays the role of “Ghazi Osman,” the founder of the Ottoman Empire, which lasted for six centuries and extended in multiple regions of the world and included several countries. Of the events, and the series began showing on November 20, 2022, and the episodes will continue to be shown one episode per week through the channels that transmit it, the first of which is the Turkish ITV channel, which obtained an exclusive right to display all episodes of the series through the producing company.

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