Revealing her nationality, Muhammad Ramadan publishes a new video of dancing with a flight attendant


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, published a new video clip of him with the two flight attendants on his private plane, after the wide interaction that his first video clip provoked with them among activists on social networking sites.

The new video clip was published by Muhammad Ramadan on his pages on social networking sites, with a comment in which he said: “And the German host, Al-Farfoucha, Bardou Rizk”, so that the video clip received more than two million views after only about 10 hours of its publication.

It is reported that the previous video clip of the Egyptian artist with the two hosts received more than 3.6 million views on his Instagram page only, with the number of comments and interactions exceeding 10 thousand.

In a separate photo, Muhammad Ramadan published a picture of him with Wassim Sal Salibi from El Gouna in Egypt, commenting only: “Get ready, me and my brother (Wassim Sal Salibi),” without providing any additional details, and it is the same picture that Salibi published on his Instagram page, only commenting, in turn: Good morning and evening from Egypt.


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