Russian doctor warns of the dangers of taking painkillers


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Russian doctor warns of the dangers of taking painkillers

Sputnik Vladimir Pesnya

Russian doctor Alexander Myasnikov

The doctor and presenter of a medical program on Russian television, Alexander Myasnikov, warned of the risks that some pain relievers carry with them for patients with high blood pressure.

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In statements to “Russia 1” TV channel today, Saturday, Myasnikov said that many analgesics “cause cases and crises of high blood pressure and heart attacks, and it is strictly forbidden to take them for patients with heart failure.”

The expert pointed out that drugs of this kind negatively affect the condition of the blood vessels and kidneys, so if a person suffers from chronic and difficult cases of high blood pressure, this person must undergo an examination of his kidneys first.

The doctor also warned that any analgesic drug should be taken only with stomach-specific medications, in case the recipient would get stomach ulcers.

Source: “Novosti”


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