Satellite images reveal new developments in the Renaissance Dam crisis


Satellite images reveal new developments in the Renaissance Dam crisis


Egyptian water expert Abbas Sharaki revealed that on October 21, 2021, satellites revealed new developments in the Renaissance Dam crisis.

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An Egyptian water expert excludes Ethiopia from starting concrete works for the third filling

The Egyptian expert explained the continuation of the flow of October rainwater with part of the temporary storage during the months of the flood August and September and 10 million cubic meters from Lake Tana from the top of the middle lane, but in smaller quantities amounting to about 350 million cubic meters / day, and the two drainage gates are still ( The left of the middle lane) has been closed since mid-August, and the gates of the two lower turbines are closed.

According to him, the water of the lake has retreated away from the complementary dam by about 500 meters, and the water of the lake has retreated by about one billion cubic meters, and this is evident by a light-colored halo around the lake.

The Egyptian expert said that Ethiopia was not able to benefit from this water in generating electricity, and the second billion next week, and time is passing and there is no electricity generation so far, despite repeated Ethiopian statements to operate in October in order to complete the first phase that was scheduled for the end of 2014 and did not even take place right Now.

He continued, “Ethiopia has opened the two drainage gates to drain the middle passage in preparation for the start of engineering work for the third storage. This will confirm that Ethiopia will not be able to operate the two turbines this year despite the presence of the first and second storage waters with a total of 8 billion cubic meters.”

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