Schubert: El-Shennawy is out of Al-Ahly’s trip to Niger… and Ajay is shining in training


The media, Ahmed Schubert, said that Mohamed El-Shennawy, the Al-Ahly goalkeeper and the Egyptian team, will be outside the Red Genie’s trip to Niger to face the National Guard in the African Champions League, saying in his radio program via On Sport FM, “Mohamed El-Shennawy has become outside Al-Ahly’s trip to Niger after injury with the Egyptian team, and we have to believe Wael’s words.” Gomaa when he said that El-Shennawy started the match healthy and was injured during the course of the match.”

Regarding Al-Ahly, Schubert commented, “Junior Ajayi is very brilliant in Al-Ahly’s training. He is doing a great performance in training, Glory be to God, and Al-Ahly has secured himself and assigned Monterrey to follow up the case in FIFA and about the first part of Ajay’s dues to avoid any penalty.”

Regarding the comment, Schubert said, “I am completely satisfied with myself in the matches that I commented on this season, and I do not always pay attention to any voices.


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