Schubert: Mohamed Sharif must forget the national team, and Musimani is away from “Social Media”


The media, Ahmed Schubert, Mohamed Sharif, the Al-Ahly striker, demanded to forget the issue of his exclusion from the ranks of the Egyptian team until he regains his scoring form. What you were supposed to play in order to prepare the players.”

Schubert adds: “No one, but Musimani says a bad coach, Musimani has so far not lost any African match with Al-Ahly and won over the African players, Esperance, Zamalek, Moroccan Wydad and Sun Downs. He can carry a lot.”

And Schubert continued: “Where did Al-Ahly form against the Niger champion, Al-Ahly played 90 minutes without a shot on the goal, there is no cross, why did he leave 2 corners, and by the way, Ali Lotfi does not take responsibility for the goal, and Mohamed Sharif must forget the story of his exclusion from the team, he lost a dangerous core yesterday, he must forget the exclusion Because Al-Ahly is the one who will bring the team back again, I have no doubt that Al-Ahly will win here and go up, but the performance must remain better.”

Regarding Zamalek, Schubert commented: “The team played a special match against the Kenyan Tusker, and the team was a gym rider from the beginning and deserved to win, and it will win a lot here in return.”

And about the Association of Clubs, Schubert said: “There are people who want to disrupt the march of the Association of Clubs, and then I will say what they do, but I must tell them that no one is a guardian of the Egyptian football, and the league is not the responsibility of anyone.”

The Al-Ahly club team arrived in Cairo at dawn today, Sunday, coming from Niger after a draw after playing the National Guard match, which ended in a positive 1-1 draw in the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League.

After the end of the meeting, Al-Ahly’s mission moved from General Seni Konchi Stadium to Diori Hamani Airport, to start the return trip to Cairo, and the trip lasted about six hours.


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