Schubert: Musimani’s criticisms are “directed”… and Kahraba made the best match with Al-Ahly


The media, Ahmed Schubert, believes that the criticisms of South African Betso Musimani, the technical director of Al-Ahly Club, are “directed,” and Schubert said in his radio program on On Sport FM: “I began to feel that the criticisms that are chasing Musimani are directed and her blood is shed. Your right, but criticizing him for being empty and full is unacceptable. He earned six yesterday. He tells you that he should not have earned ten, which is very strange.”

Schubert adds: “In my opinion, Musimani played a good match and is only taken for granted not to involve Mohamed Mahmoud in the National Guard meeting. Kahraba made the best match with Al-Ahly since joining the team, and it is a new beginning for the player with the red shirt.”

And he continued: “Walid Suleiman is in a reassuring condition. He suffered a slight concussion, but he did not lose consciousness, and he will organize his team’s training normally after checking on his condition.”

Regarding Zamalek, Schubert commented: “The Zamalek quartet in the Kenyan Tusker was a strong message to the competitors that the white team will present a good season on the African level, and Obama made a very big deal.”


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