Shatha Hassoun reconciled the audience with a distinctive look after the crisis of the lining of the dress of the opening ceremony of El Gouna


Shatha Hassoun reconciled the audience and fulfilled her promise to them to see them again at the El Gouna Festival, differently from her first appearance in the blue dress, in which she received widespread criticism due to an error in its lining. In yesterday’s activities of the El Gouna Festival, we take a look at the details of her new look.

Shatha Hassoun with a remarkable look at the El Gouna Festival

The Iraqi star, Shatha Hassoun, who met her appearance on the first day of the opening of the El Gouna Festival, was widely criticized after she appeared in a dress with a different lining than its color, as the dress looked bad. Royal cloche signed by “atelierzuhra “.

The dress was distinguished first by its calm monochrome color in a creamy yellow tone, and it came with a very soft detail away from the decorations and intricate details, as it had previously looked in the blue dress.

As for the dress’s story, it fit very well with its harmonious body. The dress was narrow in its upper section, with a wide skirt and a cloche with soft pleats, and the dress was open on the shoulders. Shatha Hassoun completed her look with jewelry in proportion to the look of the dress, and she chose a smokey, earthy makeup with a loose hairstyle, which made her look complete and free from any flaws or criticism, thus reconciling her audience after she was subjected to widespread criticism in her first appearance in the blue dress.

Shatha Hassoun is criticized for her blue dress

Shatha Hassoun was criticized for her appearance at the opening ceremony of the fifth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, but she apologized to her fans and fans and published on the “Al Astori” feature through her account on “Instagram” a message explaining her position on the appearance that she appeared in at the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Festival.

She explained that the “lining of the dress” that she added to the dress was the one that caused the error that appeared on the dress because it was better without it, and she said: “The dress that the people forgot about the festival and focused on.. My beloved friends, the dress is wonderful and I know what this is.. I say it became a problem with the wrong lining. Because when I tried it, it was without a lining, but out of respect for the people, we put the lining that was wrong.

Shatha Hassoun also apologized to the public for this look, confirming her understanding of the wide reaction from her fans and fans, and the Iraqi artist confirmed that she will compensate for what happened in the coming days, referring to her appearance with a group of distinctive looks, so Shatha Hassoun wrote: “I apologize and your right .. Al-Shater’s mistake is a thousand, and its mosquitoes are the coming days, a promise.”

Shatha Hassoun attached photos from her Instagram account.


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