She was absent from the ceremony.. Yasmine Sabry’s brother celebrates his wedding- Photos | news


Bilal Ashraf Sabry, brother of actress Yasmine Sabry, celebrated his wedding on Friday, October 15, in the absence of his brothers and mother.

Ashraf Sabry, Yasmine’s father, published pictures of the wedding, indicating that neither his brothers nor his mother attended, while his stepmother took care of all the preparations.

Before the wedding, Yasmine Sabry’s father wrote in a post on his Facebook account, attacking his two daughters and his ex:
As for his mother and his half-brothers, they refused to even bless him, so we provided him with a second mother who did everything, and other sisters who were not tempted by money or planes, lies and deception. My son has new sisters and a new mother, may God protect him from demons.


And about a month before that, he wrote: On the occasion of the imminent marriage of my only son Bilal Sabry, the elder brother of Nermin and Yasmine Sabry, I extend my thanks, love and gratitude to my beloved wife, Carmen, for preparing the ceremony, choosing foods, decorations, and flowers to prepare for the wedding ceremony on the Love Story yacht in Cairo, choosing music, and preparing to receive the beautiful bride’s family in her home in Cairo. Thanks, love and respect to my wife as if she is more than his mother. Thank you, dear Carmen.


It is noteworthy that Yasmine Sabry is in El Gouna to attend the famous film festival that is held there annually.

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