“Sheikh Kar” Syrian directors in intensive care


Syrian director Hisham Sharbatji

The Syndicate of Artists in Syria stated that director Hisham Sharbatji is in intensive care in a Damascus hospital after suffering a stroke.

The daughter of the artist, director Rasha Sharbatji, said, “Sheikh Kar, the directors, need your prayers,” and added that her father’s situation is delicate.

A number of Syrian artists also wrote, wishing recovery to Sharbaji, who is one of the most prominent Syrian directors and one of the contributors to the renaissance of Syrian drama.

Sharbaji, born in Damascus in 1948, graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Cairo, before continuing his studies in Germany.
He has a number of television works, in which the comedian dominated, including the series “Mirrors”, which has been associated with the name of the artist Yasser Al-Azma since the eighties of the last century, in addition to the series “Five Stars Family”, “Dreams of Abu Al-Hana” starring Duraid Lahham, and “Jamil and Hanas Diaries” Starring Ayman Zaidan, “Secrets of the City”, “Our Sweet Days”, “Relatives and Foxes”, “The Key” and finally “Diary of a Former Mistress” (2017), a Syrian-Lebanese series.

Source: RT


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