Shikabalas lawyer: The settlement committee’s decision to cancel the penalty for the Zamalek player is binding on the Jabalia and the Club Association


Dr. Kamal Shoaib, lawyer for Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, player of the Zamalek team, confirmed that the decision of the Settlement and Arbitration Committee is binding on the Egyptian Football Association, adding: “The decision is binding for everyone, whether the Football Association or the Association of Clubs.”

And he continued, in his statements to Koura Every Day, “There are legal steps that we will take, not one step. At first, the ruling will be officially announced, and then we will implement the ruling amicably.”

He continued: “We are waiting for the decision to be implemented by the Clubs Association and the Football Association, and if it is not implemented, we have escalatory steps to preserve Shikabalas right and against officials in the Egyptian Football Association.”

Football Association officials revealed that the decisions of the Settlement and Arbitration Center to lift the suspension of Shikabala, which was issued by the Football Association against the background of the events of handing over the League Shield last season, are non-binding decisions and the suspension of Shikabala is final.

And the officials of the Football Association added that FIFA is the only holder of the right to amend the penalty of Shikabala in the event of resorting to it by the Zamalek club, while the Center for Settlement and Arbitration has no decision on the Football Association.


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