Shirts: The draw against the National Guard is a positive result..and this is what Mosimane asked the players


Sami Komsan, general coach in the technical staff of the first team in Al-Ahly Club, confirmed that the Red Genie has a goal in front of him at the current stage, which is to qualify for the group stage of the African Champions League during the return match against the National Guard in Cairo.

Al-Ahly was satisfied with a 1-1 draw against its host, the National Guard, in the match that took place at General Seni Quinci Stadium in the capital, Niamey, in the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League.

Komsan pointed out that the result of the meeting is not the best, but it is positive, and the team could have returned to Cairo with a win, if the opportunities were taken advantage of or the penalty kick due to Akram Tawfik.

He added in official statements: “They are not excuses, but Al-Ahly was exposed to many factors that may be the reason for the draw against the National Guard, beginning with the presence of a large numerical shortage in the team’s list due to injuries and the exclusion of more than one player from the list, so we did not complete 20 players in Niger. The list included three guards.

And he continued: “Solutions in the offensive part were largely unavailable to the device, due to the numerical shortage in the list, in addition to other factors such as humidity and poor pitch that is not suitable for hosting matches in the African Champions League.”

Komsan continued, “We are certainly affected by these factors, but in the end we do not say excuses, and our focus will be on resolving the qualification in the return match.”

Al-Ahly coach explained that Pitso Mosimane, the team’s coach, spoke with the players at half-time and demanded that they score a second goal, and the team could have already done so, but in the end the match ended in a draw.

Kommas stressed that the performance will improve with the return of the injured players, and the entry of new deals with the team, noting the importance of applying VAR technology in a tournament the size of the African Champions League..

Sami Komsan concluded his statements by saying: “We went to Niger to win. A draw against the National Guard was not the best result, but we seek to resolve the rise from Cairo, and to complete the team’s journey towards achieving a historic triple by winning the Champions League for the third time in a row. “.


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