Shocking looks for the stars at the previous editions of the El Gouna Festival: Here are the highlights


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Amidst the various looks of the artists, on the red carpet For El Gouna Film Festival, In its fourth session, some stars caught the eye, but this time not the best Views Rather, in the strangest of them, as a number of stars appeared with strange looks, most notably the wife of the Egyptian artist, Ahmed El-Sakka, the media, Maha Al-Saghir, and the artist شيرين رضا.

The strangest looks of the stars at the El Gouna Festival

Over the past years, many looks have appeared on the red carpet in its previous sessions, which sparked controversy and exposed its stars to criticism and ridicule. The audience for her unique looks.

Among the looks that did not satisfy the audience, was the look of the artist Zainab Gharib, the star of the series “100 Wush”, as well as Reem Mostafa, who did not appear, according to the expectations of her followers.

On the other hand, there is a group of stars who caught the eye with distinctive looks, including the Egyptian artist, Yousra, Basil Khayat, Amina Khalil, Sarah Al-Tunisi.

Ahmed El-Sakkas wife, Maha al-Saghir, was among the strangest looks, as she appeared alongside her husband wearing a dress with a black jacket with a different design.

A lot of stars were adopted during El Gouna Festival In its fourth session of 2020, it featured strange looks, some of which belonged to completely different and distant times. Through the album, they saw the strangest looks of the stars at the end of the El Gouna Festival.

Celebrity looks

The strangeness of the looks did not stop only at the strange designs, most of which were not suitable for the nature of the stars, but some of the star’s appearances sparked widespread controversy because of their audacity and Rania Youssef presented a list of these stars, so the Egyptian artist Raniya Yousif On the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the 4th edition of . 2020 El Gouna Festival Film.

As usual, the audience is waiting for a view Raniya Yousif Which always comes with a bold design, and in this version she wore a shiny dress in Simone, which is open from the top and has a long slit from the leg.

And in 2019 it came out Rania Youssef at the opening of the El Gouna Festival She wore an open dress of olive color, and despite the matching tone with her bronze skin tone, the bold model was not accepted by some who found that she always made her choices bold.

It was not just Rania Youssef’s dress that caught the eye, but she put a shiny powder on the chest area in a way that some found exaggerated.

Ghada Adel’s looks at the El Gouna Festival

Ghada Adel was one of the stars who stirred up controversy with shocking looks that varied between boldness and strangeness. Last year, Ghada Adel surprised her audience with a bold look, in which she relied on a glamorous midi dress in azure, with short, dropped sleeves, and the dress relied on a bold chest opening, which gave her An unsuccessful look, especially with the presence of cracks in the abdomen and waist area, as the design highlighted the abdominal area clearly.

Ghada Adel relied on a cup dress while attending the festival’s opening ceremony for 2019. After the opening look that Ghada Adel relied on in fuchsia, she chose a quieter style on the second day, relying on a white dress in another look that she presented to criticism.

Nahed El Sebaei’s looks at the El Gouna Festival

In the second edition of the festival of 2018, it appeared Nahed El Sebaei For the first time since her divorce, she was on the red carpet at the El Gouna Film Festival to attend the special screening of the movie “Matalaash About the Eyebrow”, despite her reluctance to attend the opening ceremony.

and longed Nahed El Sebaei Accompanied by her mother on the red carpet, where she wore a white summer dress with a deep circular bodice, as it was decorated with phosphorescent stripes in shades of orange, aqua and gold.

Shocking looks for the stars

Many of the looks exposed their owners to waves of ridicule on social media platforms during the past years, and some of them went back to past times. Last year, in the fourth edition of the El Gouna Festival, comedian Mohamed Tharwat relied on a royal look in every sense of the word, as he tried to imitate the look of King Farouk Through a black suit embroidered with gold at the shoulders, he emphasized this look through the shape of the mustache.

Among the strange looks is the dress of Zainab Gharib, who relied on the look of an angel with feathered wings, and attended the red carpet, accompanied by Islam Ibrahim, one of the heroes of the series “Ba 100 Wsh”, who chose a suit bearing the same concept and combining black and white, and during his statement he confirmed that the look has the meaning of good and evil.

One of the worst looks on the red carpet was the look of young actress Reem Sami, who relied on a short dress, but added a piece of shiny satin to it with dramatic puffed sleeves, which gave her a very strange look.

The media, Bossi Shalaby, also chose a dress in shades of blue, but the dress was not quite suitable for her, and therefore she was among the worst at the end of the El Gouna Festival.

El Gouna Festival 2020

El Gouna Film Festival, in its fourth session, witnessed various looks. Between elegance and strangeness and departure from the thousands, the red carpet of the Film Festival hosted the stars of the Arab world. Amina Khalil, Sarah Al-Tunisi, Aseel Omran, Hoda Al-Etrebi, while others sparked controversy with their appearance, such as the artist Rania Youssef, who was among the boldest and most controversial stars. Ahmed El-Sakkas wife, Maha al-Saghir, was among the strangest looks, as she appeared alongside her husband wearing a dress with a black jacket with a different design. As for the artist Kinda Alloush, despite her brilliance on the first day and a number of days of the festival, on the fifth day, she surprised the audience with a different look, because of which she was subjected to a wave of ridicule and criticism, as she appeared in a blue suit and white boots.

Mohamed Tharwat appeared on Red Carpet Accompanied by his wife, who chose a dress with a slight touch from the fifties, the dress was in beige and followed the fluffy style.


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