Some withdrew from its screening.. An Egyptian film raises controversy at the El Gouna Festival


According to what was published by the Egyptian websites, the trio, Sherif Mounir, Ashraf Abdel-Baqi and Ahmed Rizk, withdrew from the screening of the film, noting that it was “offensive to Egypt”.

It is worth noting that the film “Rishes” won the Grand Prize in the Critics’ Week competition at the Cannes Film Festival this year, to be the first Egyptian film to win this prestigious award.

Author’s reply

For his part, the author of the movie “Rishes”, Ahmed Amer, says that he did not expect that these would be the reactions of some of the artists present at the El Gouna festival to the film, stressing the respect of the filmmakers. feathers For everyone’s point of view.

Amer adds to Sky News Arabia: “The Feathers movie falls under the category of (fantasy), and does not belong to a specific time or place, so I am surprised that the film is accused of presenting an unreal image of Egypt, even though its events do not take place in Egypt.”

As the Egyptian scriptwriter explains, the one who scrutinizes the details of “feathers”; He will easily realize that he is in front of a story that transcends the limits of time and place, and that he is going on an artistic journey in a completely imaginary world.

And he added, “This is what appears in the form of the houses and the currencies used, even in the context of the film’s story, during which the heroine’s husband turns into a woman. chicken“.

In response to the filmmakers accusation of exaggeration and cruelty in presenting the poor class with work, Amer says: “This is our artistic vision in presenting work and expressing this category, and there are many Egyptian dramas such as: Dreams of Hind, Camelia, Sa’a Wa Nass and Al Harif, which expressed the difficulties faced by the poor class in society, and how the wheels of poverty can easily crush their dreams.

And he continues: “In the end, we confirm that the film does not take place in Egypt in the first place.. Of course, we have no intention of offending Egypt, because it is crazy that it offends a person to his country, and if there were any doubts that this experience harms the country’s reputation, we would not have participated with it”.

It is noteworthy that the journey of making the movie “feathers” took about 5 years, and more than one party contributed to its production, led by Juliette Leuper and Pierre Menahim through the “Still Moving” company in France, and in Egypt, the “Film Clinic” company and producer Mohamed Hefzy.

The events of the film revolve around a family consisting of a father, mother and 3 sons, and during the birthday of one of the children, a magician turns the father into a chicken, and he cannot bring him back again, so that the mother faces completely different challenges in the absence of the father, and the audience moves with this family during the events of the film, To see how you will face this sudden crisis.

Egyptian scriptwriter Ahmed Amer concludes his interview with Sky News Arabia, saying: “(feathers) is a new experience for Egyptian cinema, so we respect all reactions to it, but there are some illogical accusations leveled at the film, and we hope that what happened at El Gouna Festival is just a passing crisis, And to finish quickly.”


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