Spanish court asks Lucas Hernandez to set his detention for 6 months


A Spanish court has asked Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez to decide where he will serve his six-month prison sentence for violating a restraining order in 2017..

A court in Madrid has sentenced Bayern Munich and France defender Lucas Hernandez to six months in prison for violating a court decision after being convicted of violence against his wife in 2017..

And the headline of the Independent newspaper, “Lucas Hernandez: France defender appeals the Spanish prison sentence for violating a restraining order.”


And she said: Lucas Hernandez, the Bayern Munich player, is appealing his 6-month prison sentence in Spain for violating a restrictive order preventing him from seeing his wife, and a judge in Madrid ordered Hernandez to return to the country, where he began his career coming from the youth ranks in Atletico Madrid, before the French international moved to Munich. in 2019.

However, they went on their honeymoon together and were arrested at the airport upon their return to Spain, and Hernandez was sentenced to 6 months in prison for violating the order, while Llorente was not charged because she had not yet been officially informed of this matter.

The 25-year-old, who grew up in Spain but was born in France and won the Nations League Cup with France last week, must now return to Madrid for a court hearing on October 19, she said.

The incident, which dates back to February 3, 2017, when Hernandez was a player in the ranks of Atletico Madrid, and a quarrel occurred between him and his wife Amelia de la Osa Llorente in a street..

The player was accused of abusing his wife, so the court issued a ruling on them requiring community service for a period of 31 days, and also asked them not to approach each other for a period of 6 months..

Hernandez and his wife did not implement the court’s ruling, and decided to spend their honeymoon outside the country, and upon their return in June, they were surprised by the court’s decision at Barajas Airport to arrest the player..

He was ordered to appear in court in Madrid on October 19, and has ten days to voluntarily enter prison, and Hernandez has appealed the latest ruling..

The French international was sentenced to 31 days of community service for assaulting his then-girlfriend and his current wife in February 2017, when he was a player for Atletico Madrid..

The court issued a decision banning him from being within 500 meters of his girlfriend.


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