Special – Increasing the value of the Corona vaccination certificate to a thousand pounds for tourism travel, 100 for domestic travel, and 25 dollars for non-Egyptians


The Ministry of Health and Population issued new instructions to change the value of extracting the vaccination certificate for obtaining the new Corona virus vaccine in all vaccination centers at the level of the Republic, according to a ministry circular obtained by Al-Shorouk.The Ministry set the value of obtaining the certificate for travel with the offer of tourism at 1,000 pounds, non-tourism travel at 250 pounds, and 25 dollars for non-Egyptians. The Ministry of Health also determined the value of obtaining a barcode certificate for Egyptians at home will be 100 pounds only.

The ministry confirmed that all vaccines available in Egypt are given free of charge to all citizens, refugees and non-Egyptians, and that the value of the barcode certificate does not mean that the vaccines are not free.

The ministry stated that these certificates are secured from the insured smart publications complex, and these certificates also carry a QR code, and in the case of electronic scanning of that code by mobile, the certificate holder’s data, photo and position of receiving the Corona virus vaccine appear.

The ministry said that the Egyptian Health Passport is being finalized in two versions for Android and iPhone to serve as an electronic health passport, which can be used at airports, where the traveler enters his data on the application and the application identifies the certificate of vaccination with the approved Corona vaccine for the traveler. The feature of showing the vaccination status in 3 colors (red if the person did not have the corona virus vaccine, yellow if the person received a first dose of the vaccine, and green if the person received two doses of the vaccine) so that this feature can be used in the different places that Requires knowledge of people’s attitude toward receiving the vaccine.

The ministry confirmed that if the first dose of the vaccine is received outside Egypt, it is allowed to receive the second dose in Egypt during the period of presence in Egypt, by registering on the website and bringing proof of receiving the first dose outside Egypt and the date of receiving it, and he will be vaccinated with the second dose of the same type of vaccine, and he can Extracting the QR code certificate.

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