Special.. Shikabalas lawyer calls the police to the Football Association after his request was rejected


A source in the Egyptian Football Association revealed the details of the crisis of Kamal Shoaib, the lawyer for Zamalek player Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala Raised at the Jabaliya headquarters now, and necessitated the call of the Apache lawyer to the police.

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And the source said, in exclusive statements to “Botolat”: “Shikabalas lawyer is currently in the Football Association and has called the police for help.”

He added, “Shikabalas lawyer, Kamal Shuaib, requested from the federation a statement that the player was investigated before issuing a penalty of eight matches and a fine of 250 thousand pounds.”

And the source concluded: “Shikabalas lawyer is trying to bully the police, but the regulations are with us and the position of the union is sound, and Kamal Shoaib wrote a report to obtain a statement not to investigate the Apache.”

And he concluded: “It is not a requirement that the competitions committee conduct in the Football Association interrogation of the accused before issuing its decisions.

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