Sports information .. Injury causes the Al-Ahly player to retire


Abu Habaja is one of the most prominent former Al-Masry and Al-Ahly players. Abu Habaja began his football career in the Egyptian club with the junior teams, and he graduated with them until 1941, when he was promoted and played with the first team, and continued until he moved to Al-Ahly after 4 years, i.e. in 1945.

After a successful career with the Red Castle, during which he won the ten championships in his history, which are 4 league titles and 6 cup championships, the player suffered a knee cartilage injury in 1953, and then traveled to Austria to undergo surgery there, but after undergoing surgery, he was unable to return To play again, due to his health conditions, he decided to retire and head to the training field.

Abu Habaja had participated in all international matches from 1946 to 1953, and represented Egypt in the Olympic Games in London in 1948, and was a star in this session.


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