Strange video .. Cristiano Ronaldo fights the ninja


But, early yesterday Thursday, he headed Ronaldo To his account on Instagram to display his finest Chinese art in “Bian Lian”, to repel attacks from all angles, – just as he does at Old Trafford, a stronghold Manchester United.

In the strange advertisement, on InstagramRonaldo can be seen kicking, drawing swords and playing with fire, there is even a nod to the Portuguese legend’s trademark celebration before walking away carrying an umbrella bearing the ZujuGP brand name.

The new digital company aims to bring football fans together, with Ronaldo partnering with Salford City shareholder and owner Valencia Singaporean entrepreneur Peter Lim is in the project Zogo GB, a social platform that connects East and West, bringing together not just fans, but worlds, businesses and ecosystems.

“The future of football will be mostly social, collaborative and defined by immersive online experiences,” the brand notes.

It is noteworthy that it was revealed earlier this month that Ronaldo could earn up to 1.5 million pounds, or more than two million dollars, per Instagram-sponsored post with his record followers of 355 million followers.

This is seven times more than any other player in the Premier League Excellent.


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