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Sunday 10 October 2021

Books – Osama Ali:

Less than 48 hours after the start of the new school year 2021/2022, the attendance of students in the schools of the Republic in the various governorates was organized, following the decision of the Ministry of Education to return to study in a full and regular manner and daily attendance.

The Ministry has taken several precautionary measures to protect students and workers in educational facilities from the Corona epidemic, by directing to divide schools into two periods to reduce student density and achieve social distancing, in addition to vaccinating teachers with the Corona vaccine.

However, there were a number of scenes and violations that occurred within less than 48 hours of the return to school, the most prominent of which was the crowding in front of schools and the accumulation of parents and students in the school yard or outside, in violation of the precautionary measures and measures prepared by the Ministry before the start of the school year.

“Masrawy” publishes the most prominent scenes of the first days of school as follows:

1- The disappearance of students in Alexandria:

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education responded, in an official statement, to what was circulated on social media about the crowding of parents in Omar Makram Primary School and some schools in Alexandria Governorate.

Education said that what was circulated on social media about a video of the parents of Omar Makram Primary School in the Montazah administration and the parents of some other schools, who insisted on entering with their children on the first school day of the first semester of the 2021 / 2022 school year, in order to sit Students in the first row seats, caused some confusion and crowding and crowding.

The ministry indicated that an urgent committee was formed to investigate the matter and its repercussions and the cause of it, and to refer the negligent to legal accountability, noting that there is no truth to what was circulated about the loss of 6 students from the Omar Makram School, which causes concern among parents.

2- Students who escaped from a school in Menoufia:

An informed source in the Directorate of Education in Menoufia Governorate revealed the details of the escape of a number of Sadat Secondary School for Boys students in the city of Tala, which was widely shared by Facebook users.

The source said, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy” website, that the students who appeared in the pictures were only 4, and they came to the school two hours after the morning queue ended, and the school gate was closed, so they decided to climb the fences in order to get the textbooks, and then climbed the fence again to leave the school.

The source confirmed that the directorate immediately decided to form a committee and moved to Sadat Secondary School to investigate the incident, and the necessary measures are being taken towards the four aforementioned students.

3- Students on the ground in Qalyubia:

Dr. Yasser Mahmoud, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Qalyubia, issued an urgent decision to refer the principal of the Triangle Primary School in Khanka for investigation and to dismiss him from his position, and to appoint another principal to replace him in the case of students sitting on the ground in one of the classes in the school because there were no classrooms.

The Undersecretary indicated that a committee has been sent from the educational buildings to provide the students with the seats they need, and the students will sit under any circumstances as of tomorrow on student seats.

This came against the backdrop of circulating photos on the social networking site Facebook of students sleeping on the ground in the Triangle Primary School in Khanka, spending the school day without seats.

4- Reprimanding a student in Port Said:

Major General Adel Ghadban, Governor of Port Said, took out a student among his colleagues in the morning assembly at Port Said Military Secondary School, after watching him laugh and play while saluting the flag.

The governor sent a message to the student, saying: “There are martyrs who died because you live,” expressing his strong dissatisfaction with the student’s behavior, and stressing the need to adhere to the appreciation of the homeland represented in saluting the flag.

He stressed that there are martyrs who sacrificed themselves and the precious and precious in order for us to live on our dear land, Egypt, calling on teachers to be keen on educating students and educating them to implant patriotism and belonging within them, and for the love of the homeland to be a part of their personality.

For his part, the student apologized to the Governor of Port Said for what he had done, stressing that he would not do it again, and he returned again next to his colleagues in the queue.

5- Fans in the classroom in Cairo:

Despite the Ministry of Education’s stress on schools, it is necessary to implement a number of security and preventive measures to maintain the security and safety of students and workers in educational facilities at the level of the Republic, including preventing the installation of fans in classroom ceilings and replacing them with side fans, and working to install iron on windows, fences, and roads in the upper floors, in order to preserve On the lives of students and the stability of the process.

And the pages of social networking sites circulated a video clip of the presence of fans in a classroom in a school in Cairo, during the inspection visit to Cairo Governorate schools.

6- Raising the French flag in a school in Damietta:

Adel Othman, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Damietta, responded to the incident of raising the French flag during the students’ presence in the morning queue, saying that the incident was referred for investigation, and school officials were summoned with knowledge of legal affairs.

In statements to “Masrawy” website, the Undersecretary explained that the incident took place at the New Port School, which is affiliated to the Damietta Educational Administration, pointing out that the students were divided into groups to conduct activities to celebrate the anniversary of the October War.

Othman added, that the group of students made a mistake in weaving the Egyptian flag, as well as the absence of the “eagle”, denying that the flag belongs to a country, as some circulated on social media.

He stressed that the students were directed to the error, and the school administration was referred for investigation, adding that the flag was not raised on the sari, but rather an effort made by a number of students related to the celebrations witnessed by the governorate’s schools.

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