Sudan’s Prime Minister’s Office: Hamdok and his wife were kidnapped


The Sudanese Prime Minister’s Office announced Abdullah Hamdouk In a statement today, Monday, the latter was arrested at dawn and taken to an unknown location, calling on the people to demonstrate “to restore their revolution.”

He also explained that the Prime Minister and his wife were kidnapped from their residence in Khartoum, and taken to an unknown destination by a military force, holding “the military leaders in the country fully responsible for the life and safety of the Prime Minister and his family.”

Earlier today, the Sudanese capital witnessed a series of arrests, affecting several ministers in the government and the Sovereignty Council.

In turn, Adam Harika, director of the Prime Minister’s Office, confirmed in a communication with Al-Arabiya that he visited the prime minister’s house in the morning, and learned that he and his wife were taken to an unknown location.

night deal

He also considered that this “coup” took place despite the agreement that was made at night between Hamdok and the head of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan.

Also, the Ministry of Information explained in a statement on its Facebook account that Hamdok was arrested, after he refused to comply with the demands of the coup, as it put it.

From Khartoum on October 25 (AFP)

From Khartoum on October 25 (AFP)

large demonstrations

She also pointed out that the Prime Minister called on the Sudanese to take to the streets and adhere to peace, explaining that he sent a message from his house arrest, asking all citizens to occupy the streets to defend their “revolution.”

Meanwhile, internet and telephone services were cut off from the capital. A number of bridges and roads were closed in Khartoum, the airport was cordoned off by security forces, and international flights were suspended.

While a state of anger pervaded Khartoum, expressed by a number of protesters who took to the streets and set fires. The demonstrators closed the areas of Alkalakla, Jabra and Sixty Street.

From Sudan, October 25 (AFP

From Sudan, October 25 (AFP

Arrest of ministers and members of the Sovereignty Council

The Ministry of Information had previously announced that members of the Transitional Sovereignty Council of the civilian component, and most of the government ministers, were arrested at dawn today, adding that their whereabouts are still unknown.

It is noteworthy that relations between the civilian and military component of the government have witnessed escalating tension since the failed coup attempt last September.

The two sides have since exchanged accusations and responsibilities for the economic, living and political crises in the country, but the intensity of the critical statements has eased over the past days, especially after Hamdok put forward a solution initiative and dialogue between the conflicting parties.

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