Suzan Najm Al-Din turns into a copy of Marilyn Monroe.. You will not expect how she changed her appearance!- In the picture


The Syrian actress surprisedSuzan NajmuddinFollowers, with her latest look, as she published a photo on her personal account on the social networking site, in which a copy of the late American star appeared.Marlin Monroe​.
She appeared in a pink dress and blonde hair, and commented: “Marilyn Monroe soon.”
She also asked the audience: “Who is for and who is against?”
The audience interacted with the picture, and expressed their admiration for its appearance, and one of them said: “Sure,” and another commented: “The name of God protects you, and God willing, he will always shine with your health and beauty.”
It was also a banner for the comments of a number of artists and actors, includingCarmen wears​، ​Alaa ZalzaliوDalida Khalil​.


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