Tariq Yahya: Excluding this quartet from the national team is a big mystery!


Tariq Yahya, the former star of Zamalek and the Egyptian national team, believes that the list that Queiroz settled on for the two Libya matches has big question marks, saying: “The exclusion of some players from the team is a mystery, and Queiroz demands at least 4 points from the two Libya matches to preserve the chances of qualifying.”

Yahya said, in televised statements to the Ontime Stadium program, on Ontime Sports: “Queirush ignored Muhammad Abdul Ghani, Mustafa Muhammad, Afsha and Muhammad Sharif, a big mystery! At least this quartet deserved to be on the list, and to sit on the bench to use them as winning cards. “.

Yahya added: “It is necessary to narrow the spaces in front of the Libyan team, and it is the individual skills that will decide the match. The competitor has great talents, most notably Hamdo Al-Huni, Moayyed Al-Lafi and other professional stars in the North African leagues, which are characterized by strength and high competitiveness.”

The former Zamalek and national team star concluded:Mohamed Salah’s chances are great to win the Golden Ball, and I was impressed by Queiroz’s statements that the star of the national team is the team itself, refusing to talk about a specific player.


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