The “50 km” decision is causing an uproar in Egypt.. What is the story?


The decision issued by Ahmed Mujahid, Chairman of the Tripartite Committee for Management, will be implemented Football Association, starting from the current season, with the aim of organizing the transfers of young players in the new season.

The decision faced great criticism from sports critics andEgyptian football stars Those who saw him “kill the ambitions of young players in the villages and governorates to move to the big clubs in the capital,” says sports critic Mohamed Al-Azzazi.

Al-Azzazi continued, in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”: “The decision is not well thought out, so how will thousands of talents reach the world and represent the name of Egypt in a high way without playing for major clubs that have the eyes of scouts from around the world.”

Small club protection

The Football Association confirms that this decision aims to preserve talent in its regions, and to protect small clubs from clubs with resources from kidnapping talent, because they have greater resources.

The sports critic emphasized:Mohammed Salah, for example, came from one of the villages of the Basyoun Center, which is approximately 150 kilometers from Cairo Governorate, and if the decision had been applied in that period, we would not have seen him in the Arab Contractors Club, from which he moved to the world.

In his interview with Sky News Arabia, “Al-Azzazi” noted: “In European clubs, we see an invasion of African players who left their countries when they were young to professionalize in major clubs, they represent the name of their country, and they are a great help to their teams.”

burial of talent

The former Zamalek and current Ismaili player, Mahmoud Abdel-Aty Dunga, commented on the decision via his personal account on “Facebook”, saying: “A genius decision to bury talents more than they are buried, I do not know what is the benefit, the biggest example is Mohamed Salah. The Arabs saw difficult days and faltered, and he has not yet reached to be the best player in the world.”

comic decision

At the same time, sports critic Omar Imad says: “A comic and totally unthoughtful decision, and no one knows who is good behind it, who is benefited and who is harmed. “.

In his interview with Sky News Arabia, Emad confirmed: “What is said that the decision preserves the right is incorrect, so it was possible for the mother small clubs to obtain rights and sponsorship rates from the value of the future sale of the young player to any other club to enhance their financial resources and continue to do so. Bringing in a lot of talent.

The regions made the stars of the clubs

The former Egyptian national team captain Ahmed Hassan had expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision during a television interview, stressing that “this decision is random and that the regions are the ones who made the clubs’ stardom, and that one of the stars of Egypt is from the regions and became the pride of the Arabs, Mohamed Salah.”

And the sports critic said in his interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “To ban permanently is a very difficult decision.

A decision stranger than fiction

The journalist Ahmed Schubert attacked the decision during his radio program, saying: “The Football Association has taken a decision that is stranger than fiction, every father and mother dream of their son playing in the largest clubs in Egypt. I came from Tanta, and God honored me, Miteb Jah from Belbeis, Hassan Shehata from Kafr El-Dawwar, and Shikabala.” He came from Aswan and others, many names of stars we can introduce you to came from other governorates.

Imad ended his conversation with Sky News Arabia, saying: “The decision can be circumvented, and it will create a mafia and a black market to make lease contracts and change the place of residence. From faults, mistakes, and taking into account the right of young people to play for big and popular clubs.”


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