The absence of 3 Ismaili players from Al-Ahly’s Clasico in the opening of the league


The absence of the trio, Abdel Rahman Magdy, Ahmed Castillo, and Medhat Faqousa, players of the team, was confirmed from the Ismaili match with Al-Ahly in the opening match of the Premier League, which is scheduled for October 25, and Ismaili is preparing his player, Abdel Rahman Magdy, to participate in the official Dervish matches starting next November, after the Football Association received a letter from FIFA reports that Abdel Rahman Magdy will be suspended for a period of 3 months, starting from August 1, and a fine of 100,000 pounds, for what he did at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Meanwhile, Medhat Faqusa suffers from a dislocated collarbone, as the player underwent surgery that kept him out of action for eight weeks, while Ahmed Castillo is still performing a physiotherapy program to recover from the injury to the hamstring muscle.

The Dervish had started his friendlies in the Alexandria camp by defeating the Alexandrian Freedom Club with three goals without a response, scored by the trio Imad Hamdi, Omar al-Wahsh and the Angolan Ari Babel, then he faced the Vanguards of the Naval Fleet and beat him in a friendly with two goals without a response, then faced the Arab Contractors and won him with a double without a response, then faced Farco on Thursday evening, and the match ended in a negative draw, then he faced Smouha on Monday afternoon, and the match ended in a 2-2 draw..

The Dervishes apparatus seeks to equip the players in an optimal way, both in the technical and physical aspects, before the start of the General League competition in its new version, which is scheduled for the twenty-fifth of this month..

Ismaili club officials began addressing the Professional Clubs Association in order to obtain the necessary approvals to hold the Dervish match with Al-Ahly in the first round of the Premier League competition in its new version at the Ismailia Stadium, after the association announced the return of the public to the stadiums officially, where the Ministry of Interior allowed the attendance of 2,000 fans from The first round of the competition by 1,000 fans per club.

Ismaili officials want to hold the Al-Ahly match in the first round at its stadium in order to gain a moral boost at the beginning of his journey in the league competition, especially with the expected public support for the Dervishes in the Clasico of Egyptian football.


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