“The Ambush”… An Emirati film that tells the story of rescuing besieged soldiers


The first promotional advertisement for the huge Emirati movie “Ambush”, which tells the facts of a true story of the rescue of a group of Emirati soldiers, who were trapped in an ambush in a mountainous valley, under the siege of rebel elements. “Al Kamin”, which was announced yesterday by the two companies that produced it: AGC International and Image Nation Abu Dhabi, is the largest Arabic-language cinematic production in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. 400 individuals, including Emirati stars who play the main roles in the film.

All of his scenes were filmed in the UAE, starring: Marwan Abdullah Saleh, Khalifa Al Jassim, and Muhammad Ahmed. It was directed by international French director Pierre Morel (Taken, Zone B13), with producer Derek Dauche (Roman J. Israel, Victor Frankenstein) and Jennifer Roth (Black Swan).

Written by: Brandon Burtell (The Fast and the Furious 7) and Curtis Burtell (Badge of Honor). And that cooperation with the brave soldiers of the armed forces, who participated in the real facts of the ambush in 2018, which inspired the story of the film. Image Nation Abu Dhabi backed the film with a crew of Emirati filmmakers and cultural advisory staff, including Hana Kazem, Talal Al Asmani, Alawia Thani and Alia Al Qazzi. The movie is scheduled to be released in theaters in the UAE and the region later this year.



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